The Metal Smithery will cancel a class or workshop if the minimum number of students is not enrolled and a full refund will be given to all that have enrolled. If there is no minimum set for a class, then cancellation will only occur due to emergency and weather related circumstances and an email will be sent as soon as possible to those enrolled. If schools and activities are cancelled due to weather, according to the ICSD standards, TMS will be closed and refund options and/or rescheduling information will be sent to those enrolled.


Please see above cancellation policy for refunds issued from The Metal Smithery.

The Metal Smithery is a very small family business. Any time spent here, is time away from family and home. Please respect the instructor's time and effort by arriving at the correct time and day. We will respect your time by providing the best education and creative use of shared time at TMS. Due to the nature and size of our school and space, we require full payment at the time of registration and unless notification of your absence is given 72 (3 days) hours or more before the start of a registered session, there will be no refunds for full or partially missed classes, lessons, workshops, parties, or events. A refund will be given only if cancellation is due to the fault of the weather or The Metal Smithery (see above cancellation policy) or if you can provide proof of a family, medical, or personal emergency within 48 hours of the missed time. If you do not show up for a class, others may suffer with a whole class cancellation, and missing your awesome presence, etc., so please be considerate of everyone's time and give sufficient notification!







Expectations of conduct








Waiver of liability








The Metal Smithery requires certain abilities and knowledge to ensure the safety of you, me, them, the tools, the equipment, the space, and the building. This means that we ask that each person enroll in The Metal Smithery 101, Soldering and Sawing 101, or can show skill and safety level to our crew before continuing with membership or onto some classes and workshops. If no prerequisite classes fit your schedule, please contact us at to see if we can find a time that does work. Please note that some of our offerings do not require a prerequisite but most do. Please be aware of the requirements we request to make sure we can continue to offer this great community space! The safety standards set forth by TMS staff, instructors, and space must be complied with.

See above info. on prerequisites for more details on the seriousness of safety at The Metal Smithery.

We believe in art for all and wish to offer metalsmithing opportunities to ages 10 and up; but reserve the right to ask a student, of any age, to leave TMS if the safety and ability to comfortably work in the studio is compromised by his/her/their behavior. If a student is asked to leave within the first session or first hour of the time scheduled, a full refund will be given, otherwise no refund will be. Safety, empowerment, and freedom to explore and create in this space without judgement, harshness, rudeness, threat, or fear is of the utmost importance at The Metal Smithery and any person conducting themselves otherwise, will be asked to leave. If the person is under 18, the parent/caregiver will be called. The safety and community standards set forth by TMS staff, instructors, and space must be complied with.


A waiver of liability will be required at your first visit and if you would like to download it or see it now, you can find it here.