Jewelry week. Aug. 12-16, 9AM-3PM camp

Jewelry week. Aug. 12-16, 9AM-3PM camp

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For 11-14 year olds. Spend the week making jewelry using various techniques such as etching, the jewelers saw, stamping, doming with dapping tools, riveting, texturing, and so much more! We will create rings, pendants, earrings, and cuff bracelets. We will not only learn metalsmith techniques, we will also use recycled materials like taking an old fork and turning it into a bracelet, keys into earrings, pieces of tube into a necklace - or whatever you can think of! If you love jewelry, you will love this camp!

All materials are included in the camp fee.

Safety and respect is of the utmost importance at The Metal Smithery. We want everyone to succeed, as well as ensure the tools and equipment, space, and people are safe. If you think that handling tools, such as hammers, saws, and chemicals (for different patinas) will be a challenge for your child to not only work with, but to follow the safety rules seriously and consistently, please consider a different camp. If you would like to discuss the details with us further, please do not hesitate to email If at any point, we think that your child is putting themselves, others, or the tools in danger, they will be asked to leave with no refund. Please discuss this with your child before hand to make sure they are on board and understand the risk and potential consequences of their actions if they do not follow the safety precautions and respect policies. We want this to be a fun and fulfilling week during which everyone enjoys making their own jewelry, so we want to begin with everyone ready!

Each day will include an hour for a lunch and relax break. Snack breaks are at each person’s discretion as needed. Lunch will not be provided by The Metal Smithery but we will have a fresh fruit snack available each day, as well as plenty of water for everyone. If your child needs more food than a fruit snack, please send more in with them.

The Metal Smithery is a tree nut and peanut free facility, if your child would like to bring food that has tree nuts or peanuts in them, that is fine, they will be able to eat in the cafe area down the hall or outside. Please note, this does not mean that your child will be left out or made to sit alone, we will just make sure no tree nuts or peanuts are eaten inside the studio space!

If your child has food or other allergies that may require an EpiPen, or any other potentially serious medical conditions, please notify us immediately so that we can include any precautions into the set up and be fully prepared. All medications will need clear doctor’s instructions and must be dropped off with your child at drop off and picked up with your child at pickup.

If you need to drop off before 9AM, you may do so no earlier than 8:30AM, when we arrive for the day. Please notify us beforehand if you need to drop off before 9AM. Pickup is at 3PM.

Please make sure to join us on the last day at 2:30PM for a show and tell celebration with cookies, where each camper will get to display their work for everyone to admire!

Tshirts are available for sale at a discount for campers (and their families) at $15

Camp maximum is 8. Minimum is 6.

Financial aid and payment plans are available - email us at for more information.

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