Payment plans:

we are happy to set up a payment plan that works for you. All plans will begin with a non-refundable down payment that is 1/3 of the total cost. Be in touch to set this up at

Scholarships and sliding scale:

We believe in art access for all youth and do not believe that art should only be available to those with higher financial ability. We understand that life is crazy and sometimes there just isn’t enough money to pay for all the stuff you want to pay for! At The Metal Smithery, all youth (under 18) that are interested in taking a class or enrolling in a camp or after school program will be able to do so, whether their family can pay for it all or not. The first step is to work on a sliding scale. Please know that this is a very small (one-woman) business and all scholarship and sliding scale is being done out of our own pockets, so if you request assistance, please be aware of where the supplement will be coming from and please take the request seriously when calculating exactly what you can or can not afford. All questions and requests can be directed to Elaan at

Donate to Youth Programs

Group rates:

Rates begin with a flat fee of $100 for two hours use of the space, tools, and instruction. From there, depending on the activity and size of the group, it is $20-$30 per person with additional staffing fees if group is larger than 10. If longer than 2 hours is requested, we will discuss additional fees.