Where do I start?

There is so much to do and choose from at The Metal Smithery, so how do you decide where to start? We'll help... First, answer this question: do you want to work on metalsmithing and building skills for a long-term activity/interest? If you answer yes, go to Option 1. If you answered no, answer this questions: I just want to come and make something at a one-time workshop where I don't need any previous knowledge? If you answered yes, go to Option 2. If you answered no, maybe we can talk more about what would work for you - email us at hello@metalsmithery.com or stop by during our open hours and look around, and meet us.

Option 3 will give you some information about what is available for youth (10-17) at The Metal Smithery.


Option 1: I wanna be a metalsmith, metal-smith, m.e.t.a.l.s.m.i.t.h.

Hey, hey - we recognize you! If you have no previous experience with metalsmithing or it's been a long (like many years or decades) time since you have done anything in the metalsmith craft then you should start with the classes listed below and can also be found in the courses section - look for the course titles listed below. This will also open up becoming a member at The Metal Smithery which you can find more about here

The Metal Smithery 101:

A 3-hour class to get the beginner acquainted with metalsmith techniques, safety, torch, tools, equipment, conduct at TMS. $75. Suggested for all who want to explore the many options and opportunities for metal working and where to go from here, as well as get to know the space and equipment to better understand what is possible.
*If you plan on taking Soldering and Sawing 101 you do not need to take this class.

Soldering and Sawing 101:

A 3 week course that meets for 4 hours at a time to get you started with the torches, soldering techniques, sawing/piercing, and the basic skills to get you ready for the more specific skills of metalsmithing. $325. Suggested for all who wish to build skills, become a member, enroll in the workshops with the prerequisite of this class - such as most of the skill building workshops.

So you want to be a metalsmith

A 5 week course that gets you started on the path to becoming a metalsmith. We work with torches, the jewelers saw, dapping tools, the rolling mill, finishing techniques, the flexshaft, patinas, files, pliers, findings, oxidation, hammers, and so much more! $535. Suggested for all who wish to build a foundation for metalsmithing comfortably on your own.


Option 2: I'm not ready for a commitment right now

It's cool, we get it, no pressure... no strings attached with these events... You will want to go to the workshops and events that don't require prerequisites like the one-time beginners workshops, the drop in events like Lunch Time Hammer Time, and Stamp what you want/Pay what you can. If you decide down the road that you want more, get in touch with us and we'll work with you on what's next!


Option 3: Kids these days....

The Metal Smithery is generally open to ages 10 and up. We have workshops and summer camps for youth on Sundays, over the summer, during school vacation, and after school programs for teens.