The Metal Smithery 101, What? Why? How?. Thurs., May 23, 6-9PM

The Metal Smithery 101, What? Why? How?. Thurs., May 23, 6-9PM


Do you have no previous experience? Are you wondering what metalsmithing is all about?  This 3-hour workshop will cover the foundations of metalsmithing and go over The Metal Smithery's equipment and safety, the different hammers and their uses, pliers, various forming tools and how to use them, the rolling mill, metal working techniques and what tools to use to achieve them, the jewelers saw, disc cutters, torch setup, and what to expect in upcoming courses offered at TMS. Each person will get a piece of metal to test out the techniques and tools on and will create a metal piece that will showcase what was learned.

This is open to youth (with parental discretion) to adult keeping in mind that we will be using a torch and tools that require attention to safety. If you would like to know more before deciding whether your child can participate in this class, please contact us at or call 607-330-4557

Please wear closed-toe shoes, hair should be pulled back out of face, no loose tops or dangley jewelry.

If you would like to bring a snack, please do but nothing with peanuts or tree nuts please!

Please note that this is NOT a prerequisite for soldering and sawing 101. We will cover these topics in that class.

Ages 15 and up

Class minimum is 3 or will be cancelled.

Please see policy page for refund and cancellation information.

Please arrive a few minutes early to check in and complete paperwork or request paperwork sent to you beforehand.