Knives with Page. Sat., Sept. 7, 11-4PM

Knives with Page. Sat., Sept. 7, 11-4PM


We are so excited to welcome Page Steinhardt to The Metal Smithery! A little about Page (more can be found in the instructors section): Page is probably best known for being on the History Channel’s “Forged in Fire” series, where he was a Champion Bladesmith (Season 4 Episode 6) and as a bladesmith-competitor on “Knife of Death,” Season 2, premier episode. He made his first knife out of a file at age 14, following instructions in his grandfather’s Popular Mechanics Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia. 

Intro to bladesmithing-the blacksmith knife.
Students will learn a variety of basic forging techniques during the process of creating a simple knife from steel barstock.
Students will make use of hammers, anvils, grinders tongs, and a forge to form a piece of high carbon (1084V) steel into a simple knife commonly known as a blacksmith knife.
Techniques typically covered include forging to shape, flattening, beveling, crosspein and straightpein drawing out, using the face and edges of the hammer for forming, drawing round, square, and twisted tapers, working scrolls over the edge of the anvil, heat treating, finish grinding, and sharpening. At the end of the course students should leave with a finished sharp knife that should last a lifetime.

Open to ages 16 and up.

Wear clothing that can get dirty and/or ripped. Please no tops with loose or flowy sleeves, and no dangly pieces on clothing or jewelry. Hair should be out of your face, and please wear closed-toed shoes.

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