Lost wax casting silver or brass. Sept. 15 & 22

Lost wax casting silver or brass. Sept. 15 & 22

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Please note: the first class is 1-4PM and the second class is 1-5PM

Learn the ancient and timeless art of lost wax casting metal with, Ron George, who brings decades of experience to The Metal Smithery and Elaan Greenfield. We will begin with wax, carving tools, and an alcohol lamp to create your own designs out of wax to create molds to our molten metal into. You can create anything you would like - wearable or sculptural. We will go through each step from start to finish with our in-house casting equipment including a burn out kiln and centrifugal casting machine. All materials are provided and we will be using scrap pieces of metal and casting grain to cast our pieces. You can choose between brass or sterling silver at checkout. The burnout process takes many hours which we will begin before the second class so that the molds are ready to cast when you arrive. We will learn finishing techniques and how to bring your pieces from the wax prototype to the finished piece. No previous experience is needed but you should be comfortable with learning how to use a torch.

Techniques learned:

design, wax carving and usage, mold making, investment pouring, jewelers torch, jewelers saw, filing, sanding, burnout, kiln usage, metal melting, centrifugal casting, cleaning, and polishing.

This class is for those that would like to experience and learn one of the most ancient metalsmithing techniques and work with equipment that is usually not readily available in studios.

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